This page has the extras. Everyone loves extras.

These are just ideas. Use them at your own risk!

Seperate good genuine server members from others

You have a base of members that you fully trust. They are the OGs in your server and it'd be impossible for them to even attempt and spam the server. You for sure don't want Wick to strike them if they somehow trigger the spam system. What you can do is create a special role for them and then whitelist it. This way, Wick will monitor everyone but these OGs. Wick will still deal with them if they try and post nsfw, malicious and advertising links.

Whitelist high levels?

Most servers have community ranks/levels. Whatever you want to call them. You can whitelist the highest levels.

  • Level 50

  • Level 45

  • Level 40

  • Level 35

  • Level 30

  • Level 20

  • Level 10

  • Level 1

Whitelist mini-games channels?

You have a Pokécord channel where people tend to spam mention others (battles). Wick doesn't know what the heck is Pokémon even and of course it will deal with these users. Make a mini-game channel and whitelist it for them.

Let unverified users see ONE channel. (Premium)

If verification is enabled. Wick will dm the suspicious users the moment they join right after giving them the Unverified role. You can deny the role from seeing all the channels but one. You can explain in it that they have to answer the verification or else they will get kicked.

This will help people realise that there's verification going!