This page will show you how to setup Wick's essentials in your server .

Setup roles and channels

You need to setup roles perfectly in your server to prevent any mistakes. After you add Wick, a role named Wick will appear in your server. That's Wick's role. It should have the permissions it needs so no need to grant it another role with the same permissions, but feel free to add a bots role to distinguish it if you need. You need to place it's role above roles you want monitored

You don't have to put Wick's role on top, but it's suggested you do for the best results.

Set up a mute role

After doing so, make sure you disable the permissions!

Then deny the role from sending messages in your channels!

Right click on your channel and click on Edit Channel then go to Permissions
Do this with every channel users can send messages to.

Now we need to let Wick know what is the mute role. Wick will automatically capture the mute role if it's named: muted, muted-user, mute, muted user, muted-member, muted member (Regardless of Case). Regardless, to set up the mute role, type in w!config You will get a huge panel in front of you. Search for the mute role part (Should be number 16) and see if there's a role there or if it's just None. This is Wick automatically recognizing the mute role:

You don't have to set up the mute role if it's shown here. It means that Wick did it for you.

Wick will send you a message you if it fails to find a mute role.

This is Wick not finding a mute role:

This means that Wick will never punish someone if Action is set to "mute".

To make Wick store the mute role. Use the config command: w!config 16 a your-mute-role-name Of course, change *your-mute-role-name* to the role name you have.

You don't have to type in the full name of your role. Just provide the start of it and Wick will do the rest. Convenient I know! Want to know something even cooler? This is applied on everything! You don't have to write the full thing at all with Wick. It is, however, highly suggested you use full names or IDs with the more sensitive commands.

The role I have is actually named "Muted fella" but Wick got that :)

Now make sure it's stored. Do w!config again and see.

Now, Wick will give this role to bad bad people without any complaints!

Set up a logging channel (optional)

If you want Wick to report everything it does or sees to you. You can setup a logging channel if it's not detected automatically. Wick will automatically capture the logging channel if it's named: logs, mutes, wick-logs If you want to set a custom channel name. Use the command: w!config 15 a your-logChannel-name

Again, you don't have to type the full channel name.

The channel's name is actually named "fnaki-logging" :)

Set up an unverified role (Premium)

If you have verification enabled. You will need an Unverified role or else Wick won't be verifying anyone. The unverified role should be a role that NO channel can see. Wick will give suspicious users this role and remove it once they answer correctly. Wick will also give this role to any bot added to your server.

You should place this role above even your admins!


If an admin adds a bot for the purpose of nuking your server, they will simply just take away the Unverified role from the bot because they can control it. But that won't happen if the Unverified role is above them, only you and wick can remove it from bots. Same with suspicious users.

Create a role and preferably put it above your admins. The same way you set the mute role, you do it with this Unverified role The format is: w!config 17 a your-unverified-role

My role "Unverified account" is now set as the Unverified role.

Trust a user

If you want another user (up to 3 users) to be able to use Wick, then you can trust them. Use the command w!config 18 + user

+ means add - means remove user can be a: username (fnaki), user tag (fnaki#8646), user mention (@fnaki#8646) or an ID (196672168388591616). You don't have to write the full name, for this command it's suggested you write the full name or use an ID.

Kate is now a trusted user! She can use most of Wick. Yes, most.

Trusting a user will let them use Wick! This is not whitelisting, and Wick will never punish trusted users!


You can whitelist users, channels and roles (also webhooks for Premium users) for the anti-raid/spam system. Wick will not punish anyone if they are whitelisted, having a whitelisted role or spamming in a whitelisted channel.

Wick will still punish admins, mods if they try and nuke.

Whitelist a user

To whitelist a user, simply use the format w!whitelist user user-here

user-here can be a: username (fnaki), user tag (fnaki#8646), user mention (@fnaki#8646) or an ID (196672168388591616). You don't have to write the full name except if it's an ID.

Whitelist a user at your own risk! A whitelisted user will never be punished when it comes to spamming/raiding.

Kate will never be muted/kicked/banned if she spams.

Whitelist a channel

To whitelist a channel, simply use the format w!whitelist channel channel-here

channel-here can be a: name (shitposting), channel mention (#shitposting) or an ID (595630305713586188). You don't have to write the full channel name except if it's an ID.

Whitelist a channel at your own risk! Users spamming in a whitelisted channel will never be punished.

Users can spam in that channel without Wick doing anything about it.

Whitelist a role

To whitelist a role, simply use the format w!whitelist role role-here

role-here can be a: name (trusted), role mention (@Trusted) or an ID (595647233974730817). You don't have to write the full role name except if it's an ID.

Whitelist a role at your own risk! All users having the whitelisted role will be whitelisted.

All users that are "Trusted" will be safe from Wick regarding spam.

Whitelist a webhook (Premium)

To whitelist a webhook, simply use the format w!whitelist webhook webhook-input

Webhooks are dangerous! don't whitelist a webhook unless you truly trust it.

Webhooks are untraceable meaning that anyone with that URL shown above can just use it to spam your server.

This is how you get the url of a webhook.
That webhook is now whitelisted. Wick will never delete it for spamming/raiding.

View whitelisted users, channels and roles

To view what you have whitelisted, simply type in w!whitelist show

These are the whitelisted elements we just added!

Remove a whitelisted user, channel or role

To remove something from the whitelist, use this format: w!whitelist type remove element

In a collapsed format: w!whitelist user/channel/role/ remove name/mention/id/tag(if user) / means or / and () are not included. remove is fixed.

This is how you remove someone from the whitelist.
This is how you remove a channel from the whitelist.
This is how you remove a role from the whitelist.
This is how you remove a webhook (PREMIUM)

Edit your config

As a final step, you should enable/disable systems you want enabled/disabled. You can also change the actions (punishment) Wick does and other things.

Config's explanation

The config panel Wick shows seriously represents 90% of the settings (non-premium). Understanding how it works will make everything easy. This is the format used: w!config SYSTEM OPTION INPUT

w!config 4 A/B/C 1/mute/channel-name

As the picture above shows. You start with the system (4), then one of the options (let's say A) and then add the input. Example: w!config 4 a 0 This would change Advertising (4)'s status (a) to 0 (disable)

Options and Inputs:

  • Status: 1 (enable) or 0 (disable)

  • Action: m (mute), k (kick), b (ban) or e (edit name)

  • Channel: name, mention, ID.

  • Role: name, mention, ID.

PS: Trusted has + (add) and - (remove) as options

Options and Inputs (Premium):

  • Days: X (number), [JoinAge system]

  • Users: X (number), [joinRaid system]

  • Period: X (number), [joinRaid system]

  • Cap: X (number), [strikes CAP]


Your config panel has some emotes in it and you don't know what they represent. This emote means that the system only applies on suspicious users. This emote means that only the server owner can edit this system.



  • w!config 2 a 1 enables the spam system

  • w!config 7 b b change's the onjoin's action to ban

  • w!config 15 a wicklogs sets the logging channel to "wicklogs"

  • w!config 16 a Bad uSeR sets the mute role to "bad user"

  • w!config 18 + fnaki makes fnaki a trusted user

  • w!config 18 - fnaki makes fnaki no longer a trusted user


  • w!config 11 d 200 changes the joinRaid's period to 200 seconds

  • w!config 6 c 10 changes joinAge's minimum account age to 10 days

  • w!config 10 b k changes fakeEveryone's action to kick