Config options

Confused about the config? This page explains each of the options in the config command.
This is the w!config command
  1. This is the anti-nuke setting and cannot be disabled. This prevents your server from being nuked/insided. It stops mass kicks/bans, role deletions, channel deletion. Premium adds role creation and channel creation protection as well.

  2. This is the anti-spam/anti-raid system. It prevents raids and spam. If you have premium it has it's own submenu where you can change it's settings w!spam. These setting are all self explanatory.

  3. This is the NSFW link filter. Wick will attempt to remove not safe for work links in any non NSFW marked channel.

  4. This is the anti-advertising. You can enable it and have it mute, kick or ban people for putting in discord invite links. You can also set an allowed channel that wick won't punish people for posting in.

  5. This is the malicious link filter, it attempts to keep people from posting scam/malware/ipgrabbering sites.

  6. The join age requires all users who join to have an account a certain amount of days old otherwise they'll be kicked. you can set the how long up to 60 days.

  7. Onjoin checks users name for any malicious links, advertising, and a large amount of inappropriate words as well.

  8. Verification makes suspicious users have to verify their accounts through a DM. This requires you to have set up an unverified role and make sure all channels can't be seen by it.

  9. Persistent mute is exactly what it sounds like, It keeps mutes from Wick even when people leave the server and come back.

  10. fake everyone makes a role called @everyone that replaces the real everyone. It automatically mutes users who try to mention everyone.

  11. Join raid detects a group of people joining and tries to find the invite responsible and removes it. It is designed to prevent large scale raids on your server.

  12. This will make Wick punish anyone mentioning a public role like @everyone or @here

  13. Hot seat mutes people instantly if they continue to get strikes after being unmuted.

  14. strikes is of course the strikes people get for triggering any of the other filters. this isn't recommended to be super high.

  15. logging is for logging Wicks mutes, bans and verifications.

  16. mute is the option to set what your mute role is.

  17. Unverified, like mute, is how you set your unverified role.

  18. Trusted is the option to set your trusted people. This means they have complete immunity from Wick and can configure SOME options. This isn't recommended.

  19. Prune detection notifies you when someone prunes and strips them of their roles.

  20. unverified protection makes Wick strip anyone who tries to remove the unverified role or adding other roles. This is good for multiperson nukes as it prevents them from readding people as admin once removed.