This page talks about Who's behind Wick.


  • Daddy_Panda: In charge of premium, the reason why Wick was released to the public and a good support member too. He'd be a happy person if you upvoted Wick! (Daddy_Panda#0001)

  • Winston: In charge of finances! Thanks to him, Wick is running on a really powerful server. He also provided the domain you are now on! Winston really believes in Wick. (winston_bull🇨🇭#6009)

  • Kollector: Our marketing expert, helps the team stay on the right path. In charge of Wick's socials and a good support member! (Actom#1984)

  • Katemoon: The one that helped immensly with Wick's custom database and library, a great support member as well! (katemoon#2266)

  • fnaki: A coder. (fnAki#8646)

Support Team

  • Mobilfan

  • katemoon

  • Athena


These people are the reason why Wick's lights are still on!




  • LosingHope

  • Raigeki

  • Akanate458 | Programmer🖥

  • ella

  • Hook’Em

  • ItsAGeekThing

  • hhh

  • Ghazghkull

  • ItsAGeekThing

  • Newbie

  • StreetCard

  • W33D Addict(HelpME)

  • YSL

  • 大 Dash 大

Bug Hunters

  • Athena

  • ⌬ johny

  • StreetCard

  • Raigeki

  • Wick's little maid

  • plug walk

  • Mobilfan