Adding Wick

This page will talk in details on how to add both standard and premium Wick to your server.

Adding Standard Wick

Simply click on this link: Add Wick To Your Server

Make sure you choose the server you are trying to add Wick to!

Make sure Wick has all the permissions it needs to work without issues. These are the permissions Wick needs:

You now have Wick added to your server!

Oh no, he didn't, he brought a pencil instead.

Adding Premium Wick

You first have to become a patron: Become a patron!

This is the early bird premium! Join this tier before its too late!

After becoming a patron, you must join the Support Server after linking your Discord Account to Patreon. You can join the Support Server by clicking here You will automatically get your premium role (Depends on the tier you got)

It sometimes takes up to 10 minutes before you receive your role.

If you don't get a role, let Devs know!

Now you need to activate premium in your server. In the support server still, go to #bots channel and type in: w!activate your-server-id PS: replace your-server-id with your actual server id.

How do I get my server id?

First of, head over to User Settings

Then click on Appearance classed in App Settings category.

Then go all the way down and switch Developer Mode on

Sometimes, it's required to reload your client by doing CTRL+R

Now right click on your server and click on Copy ID

Fancy Wick everywhere, I know.

After activating your premium, you will be given an invite link to add the premium version of Wick. Click on it.

You can only add Wick to the activated server!

Add Wick to your server after, and voila!

Make sure you give Wick Administrator Permission or run w!perms to see the needed permissions