This page has everything new introduced in the second version of Wick.

2.3.0 - 2019-10-20


  • Setup command: you can now setup Wick using just a single command without the need to view documentation (even though it's recommended). There are only two processes available and a third to come. This command is made by katemoon. If you face any issue with this command, please mention her in the help/bugs channel. If there is a bug, immediatly report it please.

  • Bug command: you can now report bugs from your server by using w!bug your-bug-here and you can also upload a picture showing the bug (Wick will instantly recognize it). You can also send links in your bug (They will be detected as well).

  • Suggest command: you can now send suggestions from your server using w!suggest your-suggestion-here and yes, like bug command you can upload a picture as well.


  • Commands command changed.


  • Nothing.

2.2.0 - 2019-09-27


  • Mute command: you can now directly mute users in your server (besides your trusted admins) using the mute role set in the config. (Suggested by Mobilfan#1234)

  • Unmute command: you can now directly unmute users the same way you mute them.(Suggested by Mobilfan#1234)


  • Commands command changed.


  • Nothing.

2.1.0 - 2019-08-16


  • Enhanced Anti-nuke: Wick recieved a revamped anti-nuke system. If a there's a nuking attempt, Wick will remove all roles from the user if they have no static roles (Wick will remove all roles but the static role if the nuker has one -Nitro Booster role/Bot managed role- and also remove any dangerous permissions from the static role), Wick will also remove any dangerous permissions from public roles (@everyone) and lastly, the nuker will high likely recieve a mute role (The nuker recieves the Unverified role when it comes to premium Wick -We will get to the reason why later-)

  • Documentations implemented: All commands now have a help sub command that re-directs you to the exact command documentations ( ). Commands are: w!commands, w!config, w!help, w!nuke, w!spam.

  • Prune Detection (PREMIUM): Wick will now detect when a prune is happening. If enabled, it will instantly track who issued the prune and will deal with the user the same way it deals with a nuker. (Can Wick prevent pruning? No. Discord provides absolutely no way to do so). To enable it, use w!config 19 a 1.

  • Unverified Protection (PREMIUM): This is what's exciting. Wick will deal with any user that tries to touch an unverified user (bots & non-bots) the same way it deals with a nuker. Why is that exciting? No admin will try to bypass the anti-nuke! If the Unverified role is set up right (Above admins, under Wick and not able to see any channel), no one but the server owner (and roles higher than Wick and Unverified role) can really touch it. If a bot is added to your server, it instantly recieves the Unverified role. If a suspicious users joins your server, they will recieve the Unverified role (until they verify themselves). If a nuker tries and nuke, they will have all their roles removed and then recieve Unverified role. The Unverified role will override all the lower roles. But! if you give that unverified user a lower role that has Adminstrator permission, the user will be able to do anything to pretty much everyone. That's when Wick steps in: Wick will remove anything given to an unverified user and it will also punish the admin that touched the unverified users the same way it does with a nuker! So pretty much the admin becomes Unverified too! What if the admin gives permissions to a static role the unverified user has? (Nitro booster/Bot managed role), Wick will still detect that and it will punish the admin next to removing all dangerous permissions from the static role. It's a complete shut-down. We love it. To enable it, use w!config 20 a 1


  • Appearance of the Premium features in standard Wick.

  • w!config has subcommands to make it visually better (w!config standard to view just the free systems and w!config premium to view just the paid systems.


  • Old help subcommands.

2.0.0 - 2019-06-29


  • Actions: you can now tell Wick what to do when specific things happen, available actions are: mute, kick, ban and edit-name.

  • Trusted: you can now let a user (up to 3) be able to use most of Wick.

  • Custom mute role: you can now set any role you want as the mute role.

  • Custom log channel: you can now set any channel you want as the log channel.

  • Ability to enable/disable any system.

  • Persistent mute: users leaving while having a mute role will recieve the role the moment they join.

  • JoinRaid: a new smart anti-raid system implemented to prevent raids before they can even happen!

  • New verification system: We made our own verification system made to be easy and simple yet super efficient.

  • Hotseat: A user freshly unmuted after mention-spamming will be instantly muted if they mention and still fall for the anti-spam.

  • Config command: A command that pretty much collapses 80% of commands into one.

  • Activity command: See everything security-wise that have recently happened.

  • Nuke command: A nuke command that has all the anti-nuke settings is now available.

  • Spam command: A new spam command that has all the anti-spam settings is now available.

  • Stats command: A command that shows Wick's stats regarding security and misc.

  • New formats: You can just type the name start of anything and Wick will grab it. (kicking, banning, purging, whitelisting, trusting...etc)

  • New purge command: you can now purge 1 - Messages. 2 - Messages sent by a user or multiple users. 3 - Messages sent by a role or multiple roles. 4 - Messages sent by a user/role or multiple users/roles. 5 - Messages sent by suspicious users. 6 - Messages sent by users with zero-roles. 7 - Messages sent by bots.

  • New kick and ban commands: you can now kick/ban multiple users at once.

  • New whois command: Grab everything you know about a user. From basic account details to strikes. New role command: A super advanced roles command that allows server owners to absolutely do anything with roles and users.


  • New version of Wick's custom library.

  • New version of Wick's custom database.

  • A new self-cleaning system implemented

  • All message outputs have been changed to a unique style.

  • All commands have changed. Most of them removed.

  • Whitelist system enhanced.

  • Anti-spam core changed.

  • Anti-nuke core changed.

  • Anti-raid core changed.


  • Whitelistadv (You can use an advertising whitelisted channel via the new command config)

  • Facts command (implemented in stats command now)

  • Settings command (theres nuke command now)

  • Ping command (implemented in stats command now)

  • Restore command (Wick doesn't store roles, only the mute role -persistent mute-)

  • Anonly command (If you want to disable things, use the config command)

  • Nsfw command (use the config command)

  • Adv command (enabling/disabling is done via config command)

  • OnJoin command (use the config command)

  • Updates command (join the support server instead)

  • Everyone command (use the config command)

  • Verification command (use the config command)

  • Set strikes command (use the config command)

  • JoinAge command (use the config command)

  • Status command (not needed at all)

  • Mactivity command (implemented in activity command)

  • Kactivity command (implemented in activity command)

  • Bactivity command (implemented in activity command)

  • Cactivity command (implemented in activity command)

  • Ractivity command (implemented in activity command)