This category explains all of Wick's commands in-depth.


We wanted to give you guys the best commands possible (and there are a lot more planned!) but with only one goal: We wanted both newbies and advanced users to be able to use Wick's commands. Each command has the basic use and the advanced one to provide the most possible customizability you guys want.
There are 3 categories regarding Wick's commands
  • Moderation: This covers all of Wick's awesome moderation commands like Kick, ban, mute, unmute, purge, warn, and unban. These commands provide pretty much everything you need in terms of moderation!
  • Settings: This covers pretty much all the settings commands that cover all of Wick's features and systems. Anything that changes Wick's behaviour in a way is covered here.
  • General: These commands do not necessarily cover Wick's functionality. They simply provide more help. Oh and stats.

Global Format

All commands in Wick follow the same format with only a few minor changes!! Once you get the format, literally all commands will be very very VERY easy to use. Give this small section a read and you will find the commands use super easy.
  • Moderation: All moderation commands follow this one unique format: w!command TARGET PARAMETERS
    • TARGET: It's usually the member(s) you want to apply an action on.
    • PARAMETERS: Moderation has different extra parameters but one golden rule is: Parameters come after TARGET!! Each moderation command has it's set of parameters you can see by visiting their pages.
  • Changing Settings: there are 5 main parameters: ?add, ?del, ?set, ?on and obviously ?off
    • ?add, ?del and ?set follow this format:
      • w!command INPUT <?add/?del/?set> TARGET
        • INPUT: this is basically the "thing" you want to add, remove, or set. It can be a member, role, channel, a number, or even a certain word. it depends on what the TARGET is.
        • TARGET: This is basically the place you want to add/remove/set INPUT to/from. It's always a number and usually followed by a letter
        • EXAMPLE
          • If I want to add fnaki to the spam whitelist, we already established that the parameter is ?add and the INPUT is fnaki and the TARGET is the spam whitelist which happens to have the number 1. The command becomes: w!whitelist fnaki ?add 1
    • ?on and ?off follow this format:
      • w!command TARGET <?on/?off>
        • TARGET: This is basically the place you want to enable or disable. It's always a number and usually followed by a letter
        • EXAMPLE
          • If I want to enable the heat system, we already know that the parameter we will use is ?on and now we only need to figure out the target which is the status of the heat command. if you do w!heat you will see that its the number 1. Our command becomes: w!heat 1 ?on

Still need help?

If you still need help understanding the format, you should really join the Support Server!