Unban (ub)
This page explains how to unban users using Wick's unban command.


  • w!ub


If you want to unban someone, you can do so using Wick in the easiest way possible! You can even unban someone by providing their username, tag, or even the start of them if you are feeling lazy.


Members able to use the unban commands are:
  • Server Owner and Extra Owners. [Permit level 5]
  • Trusted Admins [Permit level 4]
  • Members with the Admin role set in Wick. [Permit level 3]






That's the member or multiple members split by a comma you want to unban.
For example, if you want to unban a banned user, say X Daniel#0017 for example, you can use the command w!unban X Daniel#0017 to unban him.
w!unban X Daniel
You can mention the member, type out their username, their tag, or even their ID.
Using Mentions
  • w!ub @juju @rm-rf
    • [This command will unban juju and rm-rf. You don't have to use commas for mentions]
Using Nicknames/Usernames
  • w!ub nerrix, jacob
    • [This command will unban nerrix and jacob without the use of mentions. You have to add commas for this]
Using Usernames with discriminator
  • w!ub ADuckOnQuack#1234, Simple#2001
    • [This command will unban aduckonquack and simple using their full usernames. You have to add commas for this]
Using IDs
  • w!ub 771750914616852490 755629811980042290
    • [This is to unban the users, who have the IDs "389055039496388610, 476188720521805825". In this case, it's developer and maxximum. You DON'T have to provide commas for this]
You don't have to type the full thing if you are sure it's the only member with a username/tag/ID that starts with what you want to provide, for an example, I only that fnAki#8646 is the only member with such a name, I can just do w!ub fna and Wick would pick it up.
  • You don't have to respect the same type of members you provide as in, they don't have ALL to be mentions or all tags. You can provide anything you want and you only need to seperate using commas.
    Example: w!ub fnaki, mobilfan#1234, 514873754178945044
w!ub fnaki, mobilfan#1234, 514873754178945044


Parameters are the unban options you can pass if you want extra input or a custom behaviour. They must come after the members!
Adds a reason to an unban
w!unban mobilfan ?r You have served your ban well. You're good to join the server now.
Sends a compact response
w!ub Mabelyn ?p


If you want to add a reason on why you are unbanning the member(s), use this parameter where <REASON> is replaced with the actual reason.
For example, w!unban mobilfan ?r You have served your ban well. You're good to join the server now. will unban Mobilfan with the reason You have served your ban well. You're good to join the server now.
w!unban mobilfan ?r You have served your ban well. You're good to join the server now.


If you want Wick to not send a huge output, use this parameter. This is useful if you don't want to flood your active channel.
For example, if you wish to unban a user named Mabelyn and you want Wick to send a compact output, use the command w!yb Mabelyn ?p.
w!ub Mabelyn ?p


Wick will log any and all unbans made using it in your wick-logs channel, your modlogs channel and in the audit logs.
  • The wick-logs channel will have an embed that will contain information pertaining to the unban reason, the mod who unbanned, the user who was unbanned and so on.
Wick Logging Channel
  • An embed containing case numbers, reasoning, name of the mod and the user who got unbanned will be sent to your modlogs channel.
  • Reasoning and the mod responsible will be a part of your audit logs as well!
Audit Logs