Anti-nuke (an)

This page goes in full depth regarding Wick's anti nuke's command.

If you want to customize Wick's anti-nuke system to your liking, you came to the right place. Wick's anti-nuke command allows you to change every single aspect we see fit.


Members able to use the antinuke command are:

  • Server Owner and Extra Owners.


Wick's heat command needs these permissions:

  • Manage Roles

  • Embed Links

  • Manage Channels

  • Manage Guild

  • Kick Members

  • Ban Members

  • Manage Nicknames

  • Manage Webhooks

  • Use External Emojis

  • Attach Files

  • Add Reactions


Change Settings

[1] Status

If you want to enable or disable the entire antinuke system, follow this format: w!antinuke 1 <?on/?off>

Enable the antinuke system

If you want to enable the antinuke system, follow this format: w!antinuke 1 ?on

Disable the antinuke system

If you want to disable the antinuke system, follow the format: w!antinuke 1 ?off

[2] Panic Mode [BETA]

If you want Wick to completely lock down the server once it senses an abnormal behaviour in your server, this is the perfect mode for it. It's also very effective against rapid nukes. Once the server is in lockdown, then it will start analyzing what happened in your server, it'll grab the ones responsible and punish them.

[A] Status:

  • Enable Panic Mode: To enable the panic mode, do w!antinuke 2a ?on

  • Disable Panic Mode: To disable the panic mode entirely, w!antinuke 2a ?off is what you should do.

[B] Restore System:

When the panic mode fires up and does its thing, a restore system will come into play where the latest backup taken of your server is loaded in a very smart way where nothing essential is lost. The backup includes everything from server settings to even your emojis.

  • Enable Restore System: Do w!antinuke 2b ?on

  • Disable Restore System: Do w!antinuke 2b ?off

[3] Imaging (Backups)

Every once in a set period, Wick will take a complete snippet of your server (Server general settings, all channels, and categories with their custom permissions, all roles with their permissions, list of webhooks present, all emojis). The backups are currently used by the anti nuke's Panic Mode and will in the future allow you to load and save backups.

[A] Status

  • Enable Imaging: Do w!antinuke 3a ?on

  • Disable Imaging: Do w!antinuke 3a ?off

[B] Max Images

How many Images Wick is going to keep. [This is not official!!]

[C] Interval

The interval of when Wick takes a snippet of your server. [This is not official!!]

[4] Prune Protection

Anyone with Kick Members permission is able to Prune Inactive Members in your server without anything stopping it. If you have a main role given to everyone, Wick will guard that role (Since you can't prune people who have at least one role) to prevent any pruning. If you don't have a main role, Wick will still find out the one behind the prune and will punish them.

  • Enable Prune Protection: Do w!antinuke 4 ?on

  • Disable Prune Protection: Do w!antinuke 4 ?off

[5] Quarantine Hold

When an admin tries to nuke your server, Wick will strip all their roles and give them the Quarantine Role which will make them harmless. Same is done with users who have to answer the captcha or bots added while the verification system is on. What the quarantine hold does is keeping an eye on the user Quarantined and keep them quarantined no matter what. Meaning that if you try and help someone quarantined, you'll join them in the quarantine as well. It's a perfect lockdown. If you try to give someone quarantined dangerous permissions in anyway possible or try to remove the quarantine role in general, you will join the quarantine and all the changes you made will be reverted back to how they were.

[A] Status

  • Enable Quarantine Hold: Do w!antinuke 5a ?on

  • Disable Quarantine Hold: Do w!antinuke 5a ?off

[B] Strict Mode

We discussed the quarantine hold in general. One of the scenarios is if you mess with the quarantine role in any way, you will get you punished. With the strict mode enabled, Wick will punish you if you try to add ANY DANGEROUS permission to ANY ROLE in the server. Perfect if you finish setting up your server once for all and you enable this one.

  • Enable Strict Mode: Do w!antinuke 5b ?on

  • Disable Strict mode: Do w!antinuke 5b ?off

Advanced Settings

The anti-nuke has more advanced settings regarding the CAPS and the restore system filters. these are covered in their own pages so check them out.