This page gives a brief rundown of the Docs

Wick Docs and their components

Wick docs will provide you with a comprehensive guide to setting up as well as getting fluent with Wick and all of its features and commands. The Wick Bot documentation is split into several different components, each serving a purpose to provide information on a certain dimension of this multifaceted bot.

This introduction page will cover a brief description of all the sub-components as well as the suggested order in which these should be gone through.


The overview will take you through the history of Wick bot. It covers the whole incremental building of Wick bot through many other simpler security bots as well as the update history and the current version in use.

It will also give a subtle description of the many mechanisms of the bot in the Wick's features subsection. It covers the working of many of the unique features of Wick bot which include The heat system, JoinGate, etc.


Setup is the most critical part of the Wick docs and it takes you through the whole process of inviting and setting up Wick. It takes you through the roles, channels, and permissions to be allotted for the proper functioning of Wick and also guides you through safeguarding trusted and other important members such as partner managers and trusted users from the Wick's filters.


The commands section gives a very detailed explanation of all the commands supported by Wick with their usage instructions as well as the parameters they support. The commands are further divided into subsections of Moderation, General, and Settings. Each subsection deals with different parts of Wick's functionality. There are also accompanying examples to get users more familiar with the workings of the commands.


This page deals with the most frequent issues or doubts people have while setting up or using Wick. It's suggested to check this page out first to check if your query/doubt matches any of our listed questions and answers.

The preferred order of navigating the docs

We suggest users navigate through the following order to gain a proper understanding of Wick's commands as well as its inner workings.

  1. Overview

  2. Setup

  3. Commands

  4. Troubleshooting

Support Server and Premium

If you still have any queries, doubts, suggestions or have any bugs to report regarding Wick's functionality or its command system, feel free to join our Support Server here and post any doubts

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