About Premium Wick

What is Wick Premium? What makes it worth the money?

So you decided to go ahead and buy premium, great! But what do you get with your hard earned money? A lot actually! Here is a brief rundown of what you get for buying premium!
Most notable features included with your premium is:
  • Much better bot uptime
  • Several more options to the anti nuke system, including webhook and emoji protection!
  • The ability to save and load backups to your server in case rogue admins have done some damage to your server
  • Customized captcha! Change the size and colors of the verification captcha to however you like! Wanna add more letters? Remove some? Maybe change the colors of the letters to blue? Premium gives you that option
  • Adding on with the captcha, if you are really paranoid about people bypassing the captcha, we also have an option to have Wick make a new captcha for that user every set amount of seconds you want
  • Additional Join Gate filters for filtering out and taking action against bots that were invited to your server by unauthorized users, or bots that are not verified by Discord themselves
  • Panic Modes! You will have access to using Wick's Anti Nuke and Heat panic modes. Those modes deserve an info page of their own. Go ahead and take a look!
We offer premium on set amount of servers, so the base subscription will only cover for 1 server, however we provide plans for people who want premium on multiple servers! Check it out on our website!

What's the benefit of buying VIP? Why is it more expensive than the other plans?

The VIP plan offers a couple more features on top of the premium plan. What are they? Here is a rundown of what you will get:
  • A fully customizable Wick bot, allowing you to change the profile picture and even the bot's name too
  • Your bot will run on a completely different VPS than our normal bots, giving more uptime, stability, and power
  • You can invite your VIP bot on a lot more servers than what the top premium plan provides. Instead of being limited to 8 servers, you can invite the bot to up to 12 servers!

VIP sounds like a dream come true! Where do I sign up?!?

Hold up there partner! Before you decide to buy the VIP plan, there are some things to note. VIP is sold at $15, which is a bit of a higher price than our normal plans. The other note is that VIP is sold in limited quantity. That's right, this plan is limited. A first come, first serve type of deal. We do have a waiting list if you plan to buy Wick VIP! Just note that if you get a spot in the VIP list, we aren't going to hold that spot for long if you decide to wait to get the plan.
Want to get VIP? Fill in our waiting list if you want to get a spot if one is open! Fill it here!