About Wick

What is Wick?

Wick is a discord bot with security in mind. Unlike other conventional bots, Wick is built to protect your server from the threats you may face.

What can this bot even do?

If security and protection is what you are after, we are the bot for you!
Some notable features from Wick:
  • Serves as an advanced auto mod, with customizable heat filters to suit the needs of your server.
  • Provides powerful anti-nuking solutions to protect against potential rogue admins from mass creating/deleting channel and roles or from mass kicking and banning.
  • Lockdown a specific channel or even the whole server in the event such action was needed, with various different lockdown modes.
  • A powerful gate system monitoring users that join and take action to the ones you don't want. It can even filter out bots your staff might bring in without your permission
  • And many other neat features you can explore!

Wow! This is such a great bot! But what's the catch?

The main catch is that this is not a simple out-of-the-box "it works" type of deal. Fully setting up this bot will take time, and if time isn't something you have, you may have to look elsewhere.
The other catch is that Wick can be sometimes complex, a sorta learning curve. But our support server is there to help with all of your troubleshooting questions!