What is Wick?
Here, you can find out what Wick is all about!


Wick is a Discord Security and Moderation Bot made to help server owners guard themselves against raiders, spammers, rogue admins, webhooks and much more. It deals with nukes and raids in an efficient manner giving you proper logs and taking proper steps to retain the server's integrity. It also comes with a diverse range of moderation commands that can be customized according to the server admins' standards.


Wick was created on January 21st, 2019. It is the most polished and advanced version of a series of bots that were created to protect our servers.
Frequent raiders and nukers led to the creation of our first security bot, SecurityFreak, in 2017. As our SecurityFreak project outgrew our server, we rebranded as Wick to simply offer everyone our knowledge after expertise in server moderation. We understand how frustrating nukers and raiders can be, and how devastating it is to lose out on a great community due to moderation inconsistencies - that's where Wick comes on.
List of bots we made for Freaks Server
SecurityFreak was a simple security bot with a limited toolset. The first version of Wick was based off the final version of the SecurityFreak bot.
We simply wanted to offer everyone our knowledge after experiencing such incidents for free (and a small premium as we knew how much it's worth and how devastating it is to lose out on a great community due to someone raiding or nuking it. Plus, we hated nukers and raiders.

Current Wick

The current Wick is a completely new bot made with great care with security and efficient response time in mind. It can handle a very large amount of servers and attacks. Almost all moderation commands can be customized according to admin preferences and it scales very well with servers with huge growth rates. We believe it does its job very efficiently.