Backups (Images/Snippets)

This page talks about an important feature: creating backups

To ensure a proper anti-nuke system, Wick has to restore what was damaged. Wick is effective and efficient against nuke attempts, but these attempts result in some loss or creation of discord components (channels, roles, emojis, or webhooks)

Wick takes a snippet of your server at regular intervals of time which is used after a nuke attempt has occurred. The snippet consists of all of your server components except messages and role assignments (not to be confused with roles). After a Nuke attempt, Wick will load the recent image found while taking some precautionary measures. It will not mess with your server, it will just restore it to a previous safe state. All deletions and creations will be restored, including emojis.

In the future, there will be a command available where you can take a backup and another load backups so that it can be available separately from the anti-nuke.