Heat System

This page will describe the heat system and its working against nukes and raids.

The basic idea behind countering raids and spams are setting limits on the number of messages sent, images sent, etc in a short span of time. Wick uses a measure of its own known as heat. Its an adaptive algorithm that adjusts to the user's current actions and scales properly with an increase in members and their activity. Wick also uses hidden filters to analyse messages and one's behavior in channels. All of these factors contribute to the total heat which diminishes over time, allowing regulars to not get silenced wrongfully. An analogy to the Wick heat system is a machine gun, fire too much and it gets hot, leave it for a while and it cools down.

The system is completely message based. Webhooks are also included and treated a bit more harshly.

The heat system rarely generates false positives, unlike conventional methods. Regular members will be absolutely fine while chatting but the disturbances will be silenced.

Heat System Factors

  • Normal Message: Every message, no matter how harmless, contributes to the heat system.

  • Message Repetition: Spamming the same message or a one resembling the previous is taken into account as a bad move.

  • Suspicion: Wick bases this off some hidden factors that help the system decide

  • Advertisement: This alerts the heat system unaffected by the server setting. By default, it generates maximum heat and may lead to an instant mute/kick/ban.

  • NSFW Websites: Treated the same way as advertisements.

  • Malicious Websites: Similar treatment as the above two, these websites include ones that have IP-Grabbers, Key loggers, and so on embedded in them.

  • Emojis: Emojis play a major role in heat contribution. Each emote will add a certain heat.

  • Characters: Characters collectively form a message, they contribute minuscule amounts of heat

  • New Lines: Works well against huge messages a.k.a Walls of text.

  • Inactivity: Works well in channels that face minimal activity. Prevents users from flooding the channel by spamming at regular and comfortable intervals of time.

  • Mentions: Mentions are very valuable in the heat system and play a significant role. The type of mention also affects the heat (@everyone mentions are seriously accounted for).

  • Attachments: This filter prevents bot embeds or user spams filled with images, links, etc.

  • Hidden Factors: These are some important factors that we consider valuable in assessing suspicious individuals.


The silencing option can be used to set up the mute timings for the first and the last violations. The last violation is when a user reaches the cap.

The picture above describes the settings. Based on the settings, A user will be silenced for 1 day whenever they commit a violation until they reach the cap. On reaching it, they would be silenced for a set amount of time as per the user's desires, here is 14 days.

If the CAP is set to a very short time, raiders may just wait it out and continue with their disturbing activities Wick has another solution to that known as Multiplier.

It's a filter that makes the punishment harsher every time. If you violate the rules right after being unmuted by wick, It will silence you for longer. The longer period will become the standard value. If a user proceeds to do it again, the Multiplier will now use the extended new value to again increase the punishment time.

In the image above, we can picture this scenario if we tell Wick to silence for only 1 minute per violation and 5 minutes per the cap:

  1. User spams at 00:00 Wick will silence the User for 1 minute.

  2. Wick unmutes User at 00:01

  3. User spams at 00:01 Wick will silence the User for 1 minute

  4. Wick unmutes User at 00:02

  5. User spams at 00:02 Wick will silence the User for 5 minutes + purge the messages

  6. Wick unmutes user at 00:07

  7. User spams at 00:09 Wick will silence the User for 10 minutes!

  8. Wick unmutes User and User spams again at 00:23 Wick will silence the User for 20 minutes

  9. And so on...

Heat Filters

The heat filters comprise of very basic to some complex tools of security. Each filter, if triggered will generate a certain amount of heat. If it reaches its peak, Wick takes action. Each filter has its own heat percentage and its own action set if its the triggering feature.

Heat Panic Mode

The heat system, just like the anti-nuke, has a panic mode. It is specifically targeted at raiders. It requires a set number of raiders to trigger it. Once triggered, any raider that sends any message during the panic mode will be silenced. The filters will work normally for regular users.

Based on the picture above, if 3 raiders do some violations under a specific period, Wick will start a panic mode for about 15 minutes where it will instantly mute any raider sending any message, harmful or not. Regular members are never touched by this mode. The normal heat system however will still function with them.

The Heat System is the best anti-spam and anti-raid you can ever have. It will relieve you from so much hassle!