This page explains the JoinGate component of Wick.

Wick has an on-join security system that consists of multiple filters to check any matches. It acts as a firewall and decides upon what to allow and what to take action on according to admin preferences. You can basically mute/kick/ban the following:

  • Accounts with No Avatars: This will enable Wick to deal with any accounts that do not have a profile picture. It is a common occurrence for raiding bots and spammers.

  • New Accounts: Allows Wick to take action against new accounts. The age required to join can be set up by the admins. It allows them to decide on how old an account should be before joining their community.

  • Bot Additions: You can explicitly tell Wick to take action on any bots being added to your server by unauthorized people. Only certain people are able to add bots. This feature allows Wick to deal with the most severe raiding and nuking tools.

  • Advertising Accounts: Takes action on any accounts with discord invites in them.

Each filter can be enabled/disabled. Actions can be set up independently of each other. It allows each user to customize the JoinGate to their preferences.

We really really recommend the Bot Addition Filter to all server owners.