This page gives a small overview about the Joiner system.

A sudden increase in the number of accounts joining a server is mostly a sign that a raid is about to take place. JoinRaid is meant to counter this. It will keep a record of everyone joining the server, the invite link they have used and will also keep noting the number of accounts joining in a period of time. If the number of accounts exceed the limit set by the admin, Wick will clearly deal with the newly joined accounts and eliminate the invite link to prevent further accounts from joining. It will also dm the accounts it took action on if the admins allow it (custom setting).

This is just the joinRaid but set to trigger only one suspicious account joins!

The admins will receive a full log of the incident which includes the Members dealt with, the invite used to join, the account that created the respective invite, and much more. The log will be available in a .txt. file as well.

The image above depicts the settings of JoinRaid. According to this, if 3 regular accounts join the server in under 10 minutes, Wick will mute them and trigger the JoinRaid filter.

You can set the JoinRaid to only target suspicious accounts, it is recommended to do so.