This page gives you an overview on Wick's moderation commands.

We honestly did our absolute best to try and fit the perfect moderation commands that can suit every user's requirements. Each moderation command has several parameters that can be modified according to the user invoking it. Some of which include:

  • Kick/Ban/Mute/Unmute one or multiple members specified in any way.

  • Kick/Ban/Mute/Unmute all the accounts in your server that have no avatars/profile pictures.

  • Hack Ban/Hack Mute users that are not in your server!

  • Soft Ban/Soft Mute members in your server.

  • Ban/Mute members for a certain period of time.

  • Mute/Unmute members in voice-channels.

  • Purge all kinds of messages separately or all at once: - Target all messages. - Target messages sent by suspicious users. - Target bot messages. - Target non-bot messages. - Target messages sent by members with no profile pictures. - Target messages sent by members with zero roles. - Target embed messages. - Target attachment messages. - Target messages that have links (even if they don't show a preview). - Target messages sent by Discord (boosting, joining..etc). - Target messages sent AFTER OR BEFORE a certain message. - Target messages that have the same content provided.

And a lot more is planned!