Rescue Key
Details to restore verify and authorize yourself as an owner, in case you ever are to get locked out of your account.

Rescue Keys

As soon as Wick is added to a server, it will Directly Message the SERVER OWNER (the account with the crown and NOT someone with an "owner" or a "co-owner" role) with a message containing important information regarding their server.
  • The welcoming message refers to many things you should be aware of, the most important being the RESCUE KEY.
This is where standard users will find their RESCUE KEY
Premium Wick's DM

Q. What is the rescue key?

The rescue key is used when you no longer have access to the owner account and you can no longer control Wick.

Keep the rescue key safe and do NOT share it with anyone! We are not responsible if you leak your rescue key!

Q. How to use the RESCUE KEY?

The rescue key can be activated by DMing fnAki#8646. Fnaki, upon receiving the key, will validate it at once and if proven to be correct, will give you your wick owner permit level *[PERMIT 5] in your server.

Please note that we're unable to use screenshots, bot logs, attachments, or by any other means that does not include wick rescue keys to verify you as the owner.

  • This is for your own server's safety as screenshots, bot logs, attachments can all be forged very easily.


  • It can be used by people with malicious intents TO GAIN OWNERSHIP IN WICK which could lead to unwanted repercussions!!!

Some Additional Info

[1.] fnAki#8646, the bot developer will only be able to activate it for you. No other team members can!
  • fnAki#8646 - 196672168388591616
  • In order to regain ownership, simply DM him saying "Hello, I have been locked out of my account. My server ID is (insert-server-id), and my recovery key is (insert-recovery-key).
[2.] Your Server's ID is mandatory while DMing fnaki

You must have your owner recovery key, otherwise your request to verify will be denied.