Salvi0's Setup

This page explains how Salvi0 would setup Wick

If you are looking for my guide to set-up wick well that's mean that u wanna transform ur server in the most secure place on earth or something like that.

So let's start by doing the command w!setup (pretty obvious)

remember put the wick role above all the other so the setup will be successful and also wick will counter any threat in the best way possible.


After you have done the initial setup it's time to modify some parameters,start with the jg (joingate) activate it with the command w!jg 1 ?on and after run the cmd w!jg 90 ?set 3c in this way, only the account older than 90 days will be accepted in your server.

If this seems too extreme put the age filter punishment to muting instead of kicking a user off your server by doing this command w!jg mute ?set 3b.

After put the advertising filter to kicking instead of muting peoples by running the command w!jg kick ?set 5b.


And now let's focus on the verification panel. The verification panel is a very badass thing to kill self bots, so first, activate it w!v 1 ?on

if you want to make everything more easy put the verification punishment on muting and not kicking w!v mute ?set 2 and please leave the bot verification on for major security.

Heat System and Anti-nuke System:

Regarding the heat and antinuke system. Well everything is fine just don't modify anything the actual options are pretty good and modifying it will only reduce the actual security level.


And finally is time to setup the statics panel. I like to divide the setup of this panel into 3 parts.

The first one is dedicated to the moderator, admin, and main role.

First part (Moderator/Admin/Main Role)

I suggest you make moderator only 2 or 3 roles and not 4 or 5 after it will become hard trying to control everything (also remember that the moderator can kick, mute and warn people so please choose wisely to who you want to give this role to.

The second one is even dangerous I suggest you create only one admin role. The admin are not immune to wick but he can use even dangerous commands like the ban one, it's useless to tell you to choose only a few very trusted peoples to add to the admin role.

The second part (channels)

Now the second part of the statics channel, this one is very important.

if you don't have the premium version of the bot just don't set up the main channel because its useless with the premium heat filters off

I suggest you to set up only 3 or 4 partnering channels so ur users can freely send links and any other thing without getting well.... Killed by wick.

The third part (users)

And finally the last part of the statics panel, the statics user, this one IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT

My suggestion is to not add any tr (trusted admin) or EO (extra owner) because the both of them can easily modify almost every panel the EO can modify the heat panel and the antinuke so pls DON'T GIVE IT TO ANYONE.


Finally, we can set up the whitelist panel, this one is pretty easy first I suggest you whitelist all the webhook of all the other bot or wick will constantly delete them

I suggest putting some roles and DO NOT ADD ANY USER TO THE QUARANTINE WHITELIST this one can make the selected people completely immune to the quarantine and this means that wick cannot stop them from doing bad things.


I hope that my guide gave a helped you to make your server a super safe place and remember that you can modify everything you want. Bye to everyone and have a good day ^^