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You have permit 1
Only the owner can give you permissions
That user was probably immune
Remove their immunity
Must've reached 100% heat
Bot addition filter
Turn that filter off
No Avatar Filter
Turn that filter off
Suspicious Filter
Turn that filter off
New lines and character filters
Turn that filter off
Emoji Filter
Turn that filter off
Improper roles setup
2 solutions given below
That's a YOU problem :)
No admin perms
Give it admin
Quarantine/Mute Roles/wrong prefix/wick is down


w!tshoot can be used to decache your server and it could solve certain issues that you may be facing

Wick is not doing anything!

A. That's a pretty vague question to answer.
One of the reasons as to why it doesn't do anything lies in your setup. This could be due to a very Bad Setup.
Wick still doesn't work? Run w!tshoot in your server, if the same issue continues, join Our Discord Server and we will help.

I can't setup wick, it's saying I don't have permission!

A. This is a security feature. Only the owner of the server can start the setup of the bot. They must add you as admin or co-owner within the bots settings. Wick is a bot used to monitor rogue admins. It would defeat the purpose of anti-nuke itself if wick gives admins the top permit level by default.
The owner can give permissions to a user to edit wick settings. The owner can make a user either a Trusted Admin [Permit 4] or an Extra Owner [Permit 5] by using the one of the following commands:
Trusted Admin [Permit 4]
w!s <user> ?add 10
Extra Owner [Permit 5]
w!s <user> ?add 11

Wick didn't punish a user!

A. If Wick didn't punish a user when it should have, these are few reasons on why:
[1.] Wick is not set up properly. Setup Wick Properly
[2.] The system is disabled:
  • If for example, the heat system is disabled, you should not expect Wick to do anything to any message sent in your server. Such as, punishing someone for spam, invite links, pings etc.
[3.] Filter is disabled:
  • Sometimes, it's not the entire system that's disabled, perhaps just the specific filter is. For example, wick will not punish users for sending invites if the [4.]Advertisement Filter is disabled
[4.] User is immune:
  • Server Owner [Permit 5]
  • Extra owner [Permit 5]
  • Trusted Admin [Permit 4]
  • User above Wick
  • Whitelisted user?
  • User has an Admin role set in Wick? [Permit 3]
  • User has a Moderator role set in Wick? [Permit 2]

Wick is not logging anything!

A. Wick is not set up right. Setup Wick Properly Make sure you give Wick the permissions it needs Make sure the logging channel is indeed set in statics
If the logging channels are not set right in statics, use the following commands to do so
[Number 6] Wick-Logging channel
w!s <#channel> ?add 6
[Number 7] Mod-Logging channel
w!s <#channel> ?add 7

Wick is deleting my webhooks!

A. Your webhooks are doing something weird. If they are harmless, make sure you whitelist them.
For example, the bot you use to log deleted messages is probably using webhooks. From my expert deductive skills, I can deduce that those webhooks are getting deleted for spam, right?
Whitelist those webhooks or the logging channel this instant! Alternatively, you can whitelist a logging category if you have one.
This is how you can spam whitelist a channel. Here, 1 stands for spam
w!w <#channel> ?add 1

Wick is kicking/banning any bot added!

A. That's the Bot Addition Filter from the joingate system. No one but the owners and trusted admins can add bots if this filter is enabled. To turn this filter off, just do w!jg 4a ?off

Wick is kicking/banning users that have no avatars!

A. That's the No Avatar Filter from the joingate system. If a user that has no custom avatar joins your server, Wick will deal with them. to turn this off, simply send this one command w!jg 2a ?off

Wick is kicking/banning users that are deemed suspicious!

A. That's the Suspicious Filter from the joingate system. If a suspicious user joins your server, Wick will punish them depending on the settings YOU have provided. to turn this off, simply send this one command w!jg 7a ?off

Wick is muting people for sending long paragraphs!

A. That's the Message Characters Heat Filter from w!hf. You should lower the heat generated by a single lowercased and uppercased letter. You can for an example do w!hf 0.08 ?set 8c and w!hf 0.11 ?set 8d but keep in mind, lowering heat generated usually means more chance for spammers and raiders to get away.

Wick is muting people for sending too many emojis!

A. That's the Emojis Heat Filter from w!hf, You can lower the heat generated by one single emoji if you want. You are giving people more space to spam them though. Do w!hf 6 ?set 7c if you want to lower the heat from 9% to 6%

Wick gives a user the "muted" role but muted users can still talk!

A. There is only one explanation to this and two solutions. The first solution may be difficult to do but that's the RECOMMENDED one.
Reason: This means that the user has a certain role that is forced to send messages which makes the Muted (and Quarantine) role not work properly.
First of all, Make sure the @everyone role has neutral [ / ] stance when it comes to Read Messages and Send Messages. [Make sure to do the same thing with every other role your server has]
This solution is recommended because only a setup like this will allow you to lockdown your server in the fastest possible way on discord. This is how all discord servers should be setup!
Solution TWO: [Easier in the short-run but not worth it in the long run]
Step 1: If you have a role that is given to all/almost all the members in your server that is forced to Read Messages and Send Messages in your channels, such as the "verified" or "member" role for example, add it as a Main Role in Wick's statics.
For example, if you have a role called "member" given to everyone, use the command w!s member ?add 5 to add that role as a main role.
Step 2: Make sure that the [D] Remove Main Roles on Mute option is Enabled in your misc settings [w!misc]. If it's not, use the command w!misc 2d ?on to turn it on.
If you managed to do all of that, good job! Wick will now remove the main role(s) when a user gets muted (automod related mutes included) and give those role(s) back when said user gets unmuted.
  • [RELATED TO SOLUTION 1] You should never force a role to see or send messages! (unless it's a private channel)
  • [RELATED TO SOLUTION 2] Main Roles should have NO dangerous permissions!!

Wick is too hard to setup. Why is that so????

A. This bot can take several minutes of your time to have it completely setup and functional as it's a sensible, customizable and an advanced bot.
It can be quite easy and hard depending on your proficiency level in Wick. You are not that well versed in wick? There are guides, documentations and even a dashboard to help you out. Regardless, how can you tweak wick according to your preferences if you don't provide it the input it badly needs?
  • Spend a few minutes of your life setting this bot up and you won't have to worry about your server's security later on! 🥚
You should always perceive this bot the same way you perceive an antivirus. Always make rational actions in your server the same way you do with your computer.

Wick says "Wick lacks certain permissions to function properly" when I run w!setup

A. It means wick doesn't have its permissions to function well in your server. Solution? Give wick ADMIN permissions!

Wick says "Place Wick above most role so that it's able to monitor most members." when I run w!setup

A. Place the role "Wick" which is managed by a bot integration above most of the user roles in your server PREFERABLY AT THE TOP for it to monitor most of or ALL OF YOUR SERVER MEMBERS.
  • What!!?? I can't find any new role named Wick in my server!
    • This means that you didn't really add Wick with the permission it asked for. You'll need to kick Wick from your server and re-add it. This time, grant it the permission(s) it asks for.
Place its role at the top!

I am apprehensive to give Wick admin permissions. Why does it need admin?

A. Wick needs ADMIN to bypass certain restrictions that may be placed upon it and it NEEDS admin for it to perform its essential functions without any disruptions. If you want wick to monitor any channel or users, you can simply whitelist them accordingly
  • It can work without Admin, but don't complain if someone bypasses it as it needs that permission to eliminate a certain bypass.

Wick is not responding to me!

[1.] First reason - Muted / Quarantine
  • This could be due to you having either or both the Quarantine role or the Mute role .Wick does not respond to people with the Mute or Quarantine role.
    • Can't find it? Ask one of your fellow server users to type w!ping or any other wick command. If wick responds to them, you most likely have your Quarantine / Mute role on you.
    • Don't remember what those roles are? Go to the Dashboard and then server overview, statics and click on Roles. You'll find it there.
    • I am the server owner. It shouldn't affect me, right? Wick does not care if your the server owner if you have those roles on you it will not respond
[2.] Second reason - wrong prefix.
  • Try to recall what you set as your new prefix as.
      • You can't? Login into the Dashboard and head over to the miscellaneous tab
[3.] Third reason - an issue on our end.
  • Check status and see if wick is functioning well. If it isn't, join the support server to find what's going on.
    • Make sure to stay calm and abide by the rules when you join.

Someone has threatened to nuke my server. What can I do to make it safe?

First of all, make sure your important settings are ON by typing w!config. Especially the antinuke should be ON.
Secondly, you can use our all new Server Sweep feature to check how protected your server is.
  • Head over to the Dashboard and click the magnifying glass icon [🔍] to have wick sweep your server.
  • The higher score you get, the better secure it is! Wick will also give you a list of issues to fix.
  • It's practically impossible to nuke a server that's 100% secure
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