Wick is not doing anything!

Bad setup. Setup Wick Properly

Wick is still not doing anything!

Run w!tshoot in your server, if the same issue continues, join Our Discord Server and we will help.

I can't setup wick, it's saying I don't have permission!

Only the owner of the server can start the setup of the bot. They must add you as admin or co-owner within the bots settings.

Wick didn't punish a user!

If Wick didn't punish a user when it should have, these are few reasons on why:

  • Wick is not set up properly. Setup Wick Properly

  • The system is disabled:

    • If for example, the heat system is disabled, you should not expect Wick to do anything to any message sent in your server.

  • Filter is disabled:

    • Sometimes, it's not the entire system that's disabled, perhaps just the specific filter is.

  • User is immune:

    • Server Owner

    • Extra owner

    • Trusted Admin

    • User above Wick

    • Whitelisted user?

    • User has an Admin role set in Wick?

    • User has a Moderator role set in Wick?

Wick is not logging anything!

  • Wick is not set up right. Setup Wick Properly

  • Make sure you give Wick the permissions it needs

  • Make sure the logging channel is indeed set in statics

Wick is deleting my webhooks!

Your webhooks are doing something weird. If they are harmless, make sure you whitelist them.

Wick is kicking/banning any bot added!

That's the Bot Addition Filter from the joingate system. No one but the owners and trusted admins can add bots if this filter is enabled. To turn this filter off, just do w!jg 4a ?off

Wick is kicking/banning users that have no avatars!

That's the No Avatar Filter from the joingate system. If a user that has no custom avatar joins your server, Wick will deal with them. to turn this off, simply send this one command w!jg 2a ?off

Wick is muting people for sending long paragraphs!

That's the Message Characters Heat Filter from w!hf. You should lower the heat generated by a single lowercased and uppercased letter. You can for an example do w!hf 0.08 ?set 8c and w!hf 0.11 ?set 8d but keep in mind, lowering heat generated usually means more chance for spammers and raiders to get away.

Wick is muting people for sending too many emojis!

That's the Emojis Heat Filter from w!hf, You can lower the heat generated by one single emoji if you want. You are giving people more space to spam them though. Do w!hf 6 ?set 7c if you want to lower the heat from 9% to 6%