# Wick V5.0.0


This release is very bulky, you guys are in for a ride.

# Tl;dr

  • New Dashboard
  • New Public Website
  • New Docs Website
  • Setup Wizard
  • Custom Permits
  • Revamped Warns System
  • New links' automod filter
  • New joingate filter (username)
  • New Whitelists
  • Slash Commands
  • User Actions
  • Automatic Rescue Process
  • Log Action
  • You need to enable the V5 new logic on your server's dashboard to make use of Custom Permits and new features.
  • Old website will remain temporarily functional with a deprecation period that'll later on be revealed.

# New Websites

  • Public Website: Wick's website has been remade entirely from scratch in a design that I had in mind for a while.
  • Documentation: What you are checking out right now is actually the new docs, they are up to date with our latest Wick version and will continue to be now that we have a team of people that help document anything new. It could also be possible to give access to the public to help document stuff.
  • New Dashboard: Now this is the most exciting part, I've remade Wick's dashboard from scratch with the idea of offering the end users a fast, seamless and easy experience with Wick's settings as that has been the complaint of several. The new dashboard links all settings together, offers you the tools needed and the explanation to help you understand what a certain setting/system is all about.

# Wizard

"Oh my god Wick is too hard to setup" "Wick takes a lot of time to setup, please fix" Fine, I hear you :) You now have an entire wizard that takes you through setting up the most important parts of Wick, it's fully interactive and granular. It's split into steps that you can go through one by one, you can also jump to any specific step you want. You can look at few screenshots, you could also go and go through the wizard yourself anytime.

Wizard frontpage
Wizard frontpage
Joingate from Wizard
Joingate from Wizard
Rescue Key
Rescue Key

# Custom Permits

A highly requested feature has made it! You can now manage and create your own permission levels. You can create a permit, name it whatever you want and give it specific permissions.

# Interface

Custom permits page
Custom permits page

You can notice that there are 2 kinds of blocks, the darker blocks are Enforced Permits, these are Wick's own permits that it can't live without. That is the Extra Owner and Trusted Admin permits. You can only add users to these permits, not entire roles. The other type of permits are optional/manageable permits, these are the ones you can tweak permission wise (and role wise). You can only add roles to these permits

# Required Permits

Trusted Admin Permit

# Optional Permits

Permit Permissions
Permit Permissions
Whitelist Permissions
Whitelist Permissions
In case you are too lazy to check the screenshots, you can now create your own "Staff" structure with granular control over hierarchy AND permission. You can also whitelist the permits when it comes to Anti Nuke (a highly requested feature).

# Revamped Warns System

In Wick V4, if you do w!misc , you can find a section related to warns, you can make Wick Mute/Kick/Ban if a member reaches a certain number of warns. This has been heavily modified in V5. In Wick V5 (using the new dashboard), we introduce points.

  • I can add the punishment issued when a certain number of points is reached
  • I can make Wick time the member out for 5 days if they reach 25 points for an example.
  • If I do w!warn Mobil ?r naughty , 5 warn points are added to Mobil
  • You can specify the default base points added when you warn someone (and don't specify the points)
  • You can customize the points and reflected punishments to your liking
  • You can have up to 5 warn actions
  • Only Timeout, kick and ban are supported (duration support for timeouts too)
  • Wick will always pick the harshest action if the Warn Base is high
    • If you have Wick add 20 points per warn and you have 2 actions that trigger under 20, Wick will pick the second one since it's likely to have a longer duration or a harsher action
  • Wick's automatic warn punishments do consider warn points.
    • Automod: If there's a warn trigger, Wick will use that trigger's set action as the final action. If the action is set to "timeout", reg/cap strike rules are still applied (except for duration, the warn trigger duration will be used). If there's no warn trigger, Wick will just send a warn message to the user and specify that they are X warn points away from getting X-punished.


# Join Gate's new filter, Username filter

  • You can now have Wick target accounts with specific usernames that fall under your "rules"
  • You can add strict words or wildcard words. It also doesn't have to be words but even multiple, meaning that whitespaces are also accepted (and numbers)
  • All usernames are sanitized before checking, this makes bypassing the filter super hard.
  • Username filter has been added to dash (appears to servers with the V5 flag)

Username Filter
Username Filter

# Automod's new filter, Links Blacklist

You can now blacklist specific domains if you want with few restrictions

  • You can't blacklist Wick's websites.
  • You can't blacklist Discord's domains.

Links Blacklist
Links Blacklist

# Slash Commands

A lot of Wick slash commands have been introduced, like, a lot and this isn't even the final list, future V5.x updates will keep introducing new Wick commands.

  • Moderation commands follow the add / remove format, this allows you to have a short list of mods commands and also it makes you memorize almost all commands easily. /ban add | /ban remove is an example, apply it on everything that has a positive and a negative action (so ban, timeout, quarantine, lock). Commands like cases, lock and purge have their own structure because of the customizability offered
  • For the user input in mod commands, both a mention AND an ID are accepted. You can't however target multiple members at once which is something the prefix commands will offer still.
  • All slash commands only work if you have the V5 flag enabled.
  • Because Wick asks you to remove dangerous perms from your staff members, it is usually very lax about "Manage messages", the slash commands will appear to anyone that has "Manage Messages"

Slash Commands
Slash Commands

# User Actions

You can now right click someone, go to Apps and quickly choose one of Wick's moderation actions, it'll happen instantly without any time wasting.

  • You can Ban, Kick, Timeout, Quarantine and also sanitize/dehoist the member.
  • If you target someone using user actions, Wick will immediately punish, you can't even specify the reason. However, Wick will help you add a reason AFTER punishing the member if you ever wished to do that. This is useful when you want to punish someone asap without the need to type out a command/slash command. Right click, choose the action, later on edit the punishment case :)

You can just tap on the command given to you by Wick, you'll have the command to add a reason "readied" for you.
Quick action reason
Quick action reason

# Rescue Keys Revamp

You now can get your rescue key from Wick's wizard process. If you lose control over Wick, there's now a process that allows you to recover Wick ownership.

Final Rescue Stage
Final Rescue Stage

# Log Action

You can now make Wick log only when it triggers, this is useful if you want your mods to review things. This is the introduction to a series of future updates that you guys will surely love ;)

# Subscriptions Revamp

The subscriptions page has faced an overhaul, and the demands regarding the premium servers panel have been heard. Premiums should now have more details and better user experience in the subscriptions page. VIPs now have a panel that helps them manage their vips (and a lot is planned for them).

# What else?

There are a lot of new stuff introduced to Wick that I have no time to document. I'll let you guys discover them when you go to the website ;)

# Migration

To start using Wick V5's custom permits logic, you need to go to the new dashboard, select the server and you shall see a red notice telling you to enable the V5 flag. Once that is enabled, Wick will automatically port over your old statics and translate them to Custom Permits (So, your Extra Owners, Trusted Admins, Wick Mods and Wick Admins are gonna be saved, don't worry). A lot of things will happen behind the scenes that you won't feel.

# Special Thanks

I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me work on Wick's V5 version, the new public website and the new dashboard (without forgetting web verification). I'd also like to thank the people that helped with the new docs.

Special thanks to our bug hunters:

  • ark#0032
  • Squeezy#2610
  • R E G E X#7079
  • Salvi0#0622
  • Soldier#1111
  • RevinLazy#2243
  • oex#0001
  • ZonuM#3109
  • Matthew ツ#2662
  • xd J-Doge#1526
  • Venom#0005
  • Mobilfan#1234
  • PossiblySebo#0001
  • barb#0001

Special thanks to those that helped immensely with the docs:

  • Squeezy#2610
  • PossiblySebo#0001
  • oex#0001

In no particular order, i'd like to thank these people for helping shape the new websites and the new version of Wick:

  • Ketraies#0001
  • xd J-Doge#1526
  • PossiblySebo#0001
  • mars#0001
  • Frost Lord#2804
  • Salty#7439
  • “•Arya#3108
  • Vendron#2001
  • nick#0404
  • Nocturnal#0373
  • xMailMoose#0420
  • akion#0001
  • Marcel7o#2022
  • ELECTRUM#0729
  • 50tree#0503
  • Scaffaleintegro#3674
  • Lysa#0001
  • ayo#4583
  • Sneaky#0001
  • Salvi0#0622
  • Gradiux#3029
  • Krabs#1247
  • Sarahˎˊ#2981
  • lying#0001
  • Sisas#3347
  • HarshPatel5940#3210
  • Hx#0703
  • net-tech-#7475
  • lonelil#0001
  • 870.Trades#1870
  • Plum#0001
  • Vey#4444
  • R E G E X#7079
  • cry#0001
  • Aure#9411
  • Gioツ#6985
  • bee឵឵឵ ឵឵#5571
  • HawK40x#0911
  • Mr.X_🔥#7308
  • nance#1234
  • Soldier#1111
  • RevinLazy#2243
  • Alfred#3865
  • メメメメメ#0308
  • hope?!#3218
  • SPONGEBOB ²⁵²#9259
  • Argetlam#0921
  • Recon#1234
  • Venom#0005
  • Autumn | enter#1111
  • niksey#5961
  • SpaceTurtle#2587
  • ThatKev#0001
  • MoonlightBro#0001
  • ark#0032
  • RagingJamie#9031
  • FLAME#2021
  • DoctorEnigmaROC#9999
  • HAMZ#0785
  • Scheggia#0001
  • Professor Varox#3579
  • frondeur#0001
  • g2entgroup#0605
  • Mobilfan#1234
  • Zennit#0080
  • BrianKindly#0001
  • CCD#7088
  • oex#0001
  • Simple#2000
  • Azmi#0707
  • lucid#0001
  • theDoctor#0001
  • Hyphen#1111
  • NEO_Reloaded#2545
  • RuCaNi#7883
  • Kreo#4321
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