# Ban


# Description

With Wick, you are able to ban in any style you want, in any scenario you are in. Unlike other bots, Wick ban's command offers it all, in style. You can ban a single person or a chunk of members.


Command Job
w!b @fnaki Bans the member fnaki
w!b 196672168388591616 Bans the member with the ID.
w!b @fnaki @ZonuM Bans multiple members
w!b 196672168388591616 754690065044734013 Bans multiple members with their IDs
w!b Daddy Panda, lawson g, Mobilfan Bans multiple members with their usernames separated by commas
w!b @fnaki ?r They keep ranting about NFTs Bans fnaki for the reason (They keep ranting about NFTs). The parameter ?r shows Wick what the reason is.
w!hb 196672168388591616 754690065044734013 Bans a single or multiple users that Are NOT in your server.
w!b @REGEX 5d Bans a single or multiple users for a period of time (5 days based on the example).
w!b @fnaki @kciw 5d ?r Spamming after being warned Bans fnaki and kciw users for 5 days with the reason (Spamming after being warned).
w!b @fnaki ?s Bans a single or multiple members then unbans right after. Useful when trying to kick + purge messages. This is called a Soft Ban.

# Aliases

w!b w!ban w!hb w!hackban

# Permit

Members able to use this command are:

  • Server Owner and Extra Owners.
  • Trusted Admins.
  • Members with Wick Ban permission. [Custom Permits]

# Syntax


That's the Member or Multiple Members you want to ban.

For example, if you want to ban a user, say PixelNinja#1775, you can use the command w!ban PixelNinja#1775 to ban him PERMANENTLY.

You can even ban multiple members using a single command. For example, if you want to ban 5 users PERMANENTLY at once, say PixelNinja#1775, Simple#2001, Twitch DivineOG#0001, Rheed#0001 and ADuckOnQuack#1234, you can use the command w!ban @PixelNinja @Simple @Twitch DivineOG @Rheed @ADuckOnQuack

You can mention the member, type out their username, their tag, or even their ID.

# Using Mentions

  • w!b @PixelNinja @Simple
    • This command will ban PixelNinja and Simple.
    • You DON'T have to provide commas for this

# Using Nicknames/Usernames

  • w!b twitch divine, rheed
    • This command will ban Twitch Divine and Rheed without the use of mentions.
    • You have to add commas for this

# Using Usernames with discriminator

  • w!b ADuckOnQuack#1234, Simple#2001
    • This command will ban AduckOnQuack and Simple using their full usernames.
    • You have to add commas for this

# Using IDs

  • w!b 771750914616852490 755629811980042290
    • This is to ban the users, who have the IDs "389055039496388610, 476188720521805825". In this case, it's Developer and maxximum.
    • You DON'T have to provide commas for this
  • You don't have to type the full thing if you are sure it's the only member with a username / tag that start with what you want to provide. For an example, i only know that fnAki is the only member with such a name, i can just do w!b fna and Wick would pick it up.
  • You don't have to respect the same type of members you provide as in, they don't have ALL to be mentions or all tags. You can provide anything you want and you only need to separate using commas.
    • Example: w!b fnaki, mobilfan#1, 514873754178945044


Parameters are the ban options you can provide if you want extra input or a custom behaviour. They must come after the members! The parameters available for ban commands are as follows:

Parameter Job
?r REASON Adds a reason to a ban. If you want to add a reason why you are ban the member(s). REASON is replaced with the actual reason. w!b @Jake ?r cute
?dm Makes Wick DM the banned user. If you want Wick to actually DM the member(s) you want to ban with a briefing on why just throw in the ?dm parameter. w!b Mabelyn ?dm
?t TIME Adds a duration to a ban. If you want to ban the member(s) for a period of time only aka TEMP BANS. They will automatically be unbanned once the period passes. You have to, however, specify the number and the type of period. 1m meaning 1 minute, 1d meaning 1 day, and so on. w!b TwitchDivineOG#0001 ?t 15m
?h Ban users who are NOT in your server. If you want to hack ban users that are not in your server, you can provide the IDs only in the member's output followed by the ?h parameter, you can add the reason parameter too. w!b 506513851576221706, 672911124622213201 ?h
?p Sends a compact response w!b Pride ?p
?s Soft ban a user. If you want to ban the member then instantly unban, use this parameter. This is good if you want to delete the member's previous messages w!b katemoon ?s
  • You can use multiple parameters at once.
    • Example: w!b fnaki 10m ?dm ?s ?r too annoying
  • Without the use of ?dm parameter, you can make wick always DM the target by doing w!misc 2e ?on

# Immunity

People you can't ban are:

  • Server Owner and Extra Owners
  • Trusted Admins
  • Members with one of Wick's permissions
  • Members above Wick

# Unban

You can lift the ban from a member or multiple ones by following the syntax below!

# Aliases


# Logging

# Appeal

Your users will be able to Appeal their ban on Wick's new Appeals website