We tried to mention all the common questions here with its way to solve and notes that you might need.

# Setup

# Wick is too hard to setup. Why is that so?

This bot can take several minutes of your time to have it completely setup and functional as it's a sensible, customizable and an advanced bot. It can be quite easy and hard depending on your proficiency level in Wick. You are not that well versed in wick? There is a setup guide and a wizard that guides people through the dash for a better setup.

# What!! I can't find any new role named Wick in my server!

This is most likely because you did not add Wick with the proper permissions that it asked for so it did not create the integrated role.

# I can't setup wick, it's saying I don't have permission!

The only ones that can setup Wick are people with permit 4/5 (Trusted Admins/Extra Owners). You will have to ask the physical server owner to give you the proper permissions to setup Wick. BOTH PERMITS ARE DANGEROUS TO JUST HANDOUT

# Wick says "Wick lacks certain permissions to function properly" when i run (w!setup)

It means wick doesn't have its permissions to function well in your server. Give wick ADMIN permissions!

# Wick control

# What if we lose access to our owner account?

In the wizard, there's a step called Rescue key that contains a key to copy (you have to save that somewhere) and a wick QR code to scan (either with two-factor authentication 2FA or Auty). These two are used to gain access back to Wick if you happen to loose access to your owner account. We recommend using the QR code!

# Who can access the Dashboard/manage Wick's features?

There are only two types of users that can manage wicks features and use the dashboard.

# [1.] Extra Owners:

Basically as the name is described, They can do everything the physical owner can do except adding more Extra Owners. They are COMPLETELY IMMUNE TO WICK

# [2.] Trusted Admins:

Trusted admins are able to access the dashboard, they are just not able to manage the Miscellaneous/Anti-Nuke settings, They are also COMPLETELY IMMUNE TO WICK

# General Questions

# How does wick considers if an account is suspicious?!

There are multiple factors that are taken into consideration when deciding if someone is suspicous or not. Some of them would be if they have a default profile picture or not, how old the account is and accounts that fall under the username filter (depends of your settings).

# What are the dangerous permissions?

Dangerous Permissions would be:

  • Manage Channels
  • Manage Roles
  • Manage Webhooks
  • Manage Messages
  • Manage Server - Administrator
  • Kick/Ban Members
  • Moderate Members

# Is there a way to see how Secure is my server?

Head over to the Dashboard, select your server, go to the Overview page and there you are. Wick will give a list of issues to fix, systems overview and some other things... It's practically impossible to nuke a server that's 100% secure

# Punishments

# Wick didn't punish a user!

There can be multiple reasons why Wick did not punish a user in your server one of the main reasons could be:

  • Faulty setup: Check to make sure you have the Quarantine role properly placed and it is in it's proper spot in the statistics.
  • Whitelist: You could also have whitelisted the user from being punished from that filter so you can check to see if the user is whitelisted by running w!info USER
  • Permits: Make sure that the user doesn't have a Wick permit that could be a reason too (a permit could be whitelisted from automod).

# Wick is punishing my ticket bot!

This is how Wick's antinuke works, He'll touch every single one doing shitty things to your server (Wick touched the ticket bot for creating/deleting channels). You'll have to make it a Trusted Admin so that wick won't punish him anymore. Since Trusted Admins are immune, you can only whitelist the category where the ticket bot works by doing w!anp CATEGORY-ID ?add 6 if you have Premium Wick.

# Wick is deleting my webhooks!

Your webhooks are doing something weird. If they are harmless, make sure you whitelist them.

# Wick is punishing my auto roles bot!

If you have a bot that gives roles on join and you have Wick's verification enabled, Wick would add this bot to Quarantine since it will technically be trying to touch a Quarantined member. You should probably add it to Quarantine whitelist! Or disable it's auto role and use Wick's instead (Wick will automatically give people who pass the verification main roles that you've set in statics)

# Response

# Wick is not responding to me!

Some of the reasons that won't let Wick to respond to you are as follows:

  • Wick lacks permissions! Give wick ADMIN permissions!
  • Prefix! You may forgot your last prefix, Check it out through the dash.
  • Having quarantine on you! Wick is not responding to quarantined users.
  • Wick is just having some technical issues! Check Wick's Status.

# Can Wick be slow answering commands?

If Wick is not answering you for over 5 seconds, then that's a problem you should report.

# Wick is not doing anything!

One of the reasons as to why it doesn't do anything lies in your setup. This could be due to a very Bad Setup. Try to setup wick properly! Wick still doesn't work? Run w!tshoot in your server, if the same issue continues, join our discord server and you'll get the help you need.

# Fake Wick!

A wave of fake Wicks is out there pretending to be the real one and asking people to scan a QR code to verify or even DMs them random things. Report it to discord if you meet one by chance.

If you find a fake Wick verified by Discord, join our support server so that we can take it down as soon as possible.