# Wick V5.2.0


This one has a lot of highly requested stuff introduced plus some major breaking changes that solve several issues.

# Tl;dr

  • Ban/Timeout Appeals
  • Backups Panel
  • Mod Notes
  • Discord Logging
  • Lockdown Panel + Improvements
  • Verification Breaking Changes
  • Joingate Changes
  • Several bug fixes.

# Appeals

A lot of Wick users have been asking for appeals to be handled automatically and seamlessly, well that is now possible with Wick.

  • Your users can appeal bans and timeouts via https://appeals.wickbot.com, the appeal process is very straight forward to avoid confused end users.
  • The user will be able to send an appeal message, view pending appeals and also receive notifications (appeal approvals/denials)
  • Once the user appeals, a log is sent to your Discord server with the appropriate actions as buttons
    • Approve: Unbans/Unmutes and notifies the user via the appeals panel
    • Deny: Denies the appeal and notifies the user via the appeals panel
    • Deny+Blacklist: Denies the appeal, notifies the user and also blacklists them
    • Dismiss: Nothing happens, the appeal is simply removed and the user is not informed
  • You can use the actions from the wick log OR you can go to your Wick dashboard -> Appeals and manage your appeals seamlessly there
  • Appeal reply is not required from the moderator.
  • You can enable/disable appeals via dashboard
  • You can manage your blacklisted users via dashboard
  • Your mods will need to have the Review Appeals permission to manage appeals.
  • The Appeal link will be DMd to the punished user if it's a BAN or a TIMEOUT. If it's an AUTOMATIC timeout by Wick (not manual using commands), the appeal link will be sent with the DM if the timeout duration is more than 5 minutes (because why appeal in this case really?)
  • You can use the appeal link for bans/timeouts that are not issued by Wick.
  • The old misc appeal message setting has been deprecated, why would you need that when everything is now automated.
  • Custom Logging supports appeals, you can set a specific channel for them
  • Premium: Custom appeal fields
    • You can add your own questions/statements (Up to 6)
    • You can add TEXTAREA, SINGLE CHOICE or MULTI CHOICE fields depending on what you want
    • You can set required fields
    • You can manage your choices
    • You can manage min/max length for TEXTAREA fields
    • All fields are shown to the appealer, answered fields are shown in the appeal log + appeals' list in Wick's dash

Appeals Interface
Appeals Interface

# Backups

While premiums were able to manage backups using Wick commands only, they now can view, create and delete backups seamlessly from Wick's dashboard. They can also change the backups' settings.

# Mod Notes

Your mods can add notes linked to certain members that are only seen by other moderators (depends on your permits), this has been requested heavily apparently.

  • Adding Requires Manage Mod Notes permission

    • /notes add user: msg: View a note assigned to a certain member, 5<msg<500
  • Viewing Requires View Mod Notes permission

    • /notes view View all server notes
    • /notes view note_id: View all server notes that share the same note id (usually only 1 found)
    • /notes view user: View all user notes
    • /notes view note_id: user: View note that has the same note id that is asigned to the specified user
    • /notes view mod: View all notes made by the moderator
  • Modifying Requires Manage Mod Notes permission

    • /notes modify note_id: new_msg: Modify the note content
    • /notes modify note_id: new_msg: user: Modify the content of the note that has the same note_id but also assigned to the same user (usually not needed)
  • Removing Requires Manage Mod Notes permission

    • **/notes remove note_id: ** Remove the note that has the specified id
    • /notes modify note_id: user: Remove the note that has the specified id AND it's assigned to the specified user
  • Sweeping Requires Sweep Mod Notes permission

    • /notes sweep Deletes all notes linked to the server
    • /notes sweep user: Deletes all notes linked to a certain user
    • /notes sweep mod: Deletes all notes made by a certain mod

# Discord Logging

Wick now logs Discord actions happening in your server, you are able to enable/disable any event and set a custom channel for it.

  • Currently Supported Logs (More planned): Server Update, Channel Create, Channel Update, Channel Delete, Channel Overwrite Create, Channel Overwrite Update, Channel Overwrite Delete, Member Kick, Member Prune, Member Ban Add, Member Ban Remove, Member Update, Member Role Update, Bot Add, Role Create, Role Update, Role Delete, Invite Create, Invite Update, Invite Delete, Webhook Create, Webhook Update, Webhook Delete, Emoji Create, Emoji Update, Emoji Delete, Sticker Create, Sticker Update, Sticker Delete, Server Scheduled Event Create, Server Scheduled Event Update, Server Scheduled Event Delete, Thread Create, Thread Update, Thread Delete

# Lockdown

  • You can now manage and view all of Wick's lockdown modes directly from Wick's dashboard.
  • You can also fix and setup what Wick requires for a proper lockdown permission setup in your server.
  • You can now choose if you want Wick to Pause Invites or not when trying to enable the Kick New Members lockdown mode.

# Verification Changes

  • A new setting introduced that allows the user to choose whether to SET the main roles or ADD them after passing verification (to avoid verification role conflicts).
  • Breaking: Quarantine Action has been deprecated.
    • A new legacy setting has been added that makes Wick adds accounts to Quarantine on join, it's not recommended.
  • Kick & Ban Actions are no longer tied to Quarantine Action.
  • Default verification mode has been changed to CHANNEL (Modal) instead of DMs.
  • Hints have been added to verification page's settings.
  • Default verification timeout duration default value has been changed to 2 minutes.
  • Help button in the verification embed now shows steps.

# Joingate Changes

  • Join Age:
    • Change the join age to timeout for the remaining period only, not 28d
    • Minimum Account Age value now accepts Minutes/Hours/Days instead of just days and the minimum has changed from 1 day to 5 seconds.
  • Username Filter: A new setting has been that allows Wick to monitor usernames even after joining the server, this is useful for raid bots that try to bypass the username filter on join and then edit the username back to the intended one.