# Wick V5.2.1


This one introduces a lot of bug fixes and few QoL updates alongside improvements.

  • "Moderation Commands" has been added to Custom Logging.
  • Lockdown panel has received several improvements (Mainly flagging already locked/unlocked and private channels).
  • You can now add several Discord logging types at once.
  • Forums can now be locked/unlocked via dashboard.
  • As requested, Appeal Titles and Options now allow ', numbers and also [+, !, ,].
  • Backup failures popups now display the actual reason as well for more clarity.
  • If no server is shown in dashboard list, the user now gets told that they need to be added as EO/TA (or refresh the servers' list with a button that's offered).
  • Verification's Help button now offers an embed with the steps need to pass verification (depends on your different verification settings).
  • Appeal Log's title url has been fixed.
  • Member Timeout logs' timestamps have been fixed.
  • Appeals' Notifications occasionally going away has been fixed.
  • Forum Channel Tags' updates bug has been fixed.
  • Beta/VIP identifier in main dashboard servers' list is now a thing.
  • Appeals' sudden bug for certain users (thanks to Discord's unannounced change) has been fixed.
  • Custom logging has received several improvements and bug fixes.
  • PAUSE INVITES not working in Auto Kick Lock has been fixed.