# Lockdown


# Description

Wick's required setup allowed us to make the fastest possible lockdown you can ever have on Discord.


Command Job
w!lock #general #bots #help This command will 🥚 lock the previous channels at ones
w!serverlock This command will lock all channels
w!serverlock -blind This command will lock all channels and will also hide them
w!lock ?t ban That will order Wick to BAN every new member joins your server
w!lock ?t kick That will told Wick to KICK every new member joins your server

# Aliases

w!lockdown w!ld w!lock

# Permit

Members able to use the lockdown command are:

  • Server Owner and Extra Owners.
  • Trusted Admins.
  • Members with lockdown perms. [Custom Permits]

# Syntax


Parameters are the different types of lockdowns. The lockdown parameters are as follow:

Parameter Job
Channel c Locks a single channel
Channels sc Locks all server channels
Auto KICK new members k Auto kicks new members that join your server
Auto BAN new members b Auto bans new members that join your server

Premium Wick has additional lockdown parameters:

Parameter Job
Roles r Locks your server roles
All s Locks all server wide

# Types/Modes

# [1] Channel (c)

Any PUBLIC channel can be locked by using w!lock ?t channel or w!lock ?t c

  • ?t stands for type and c stands for channel.
  • shurtcuts: w!lockc #channel / w!clock #channel
    • no need to mention the channel if you were in the exact channel, w!clock for example will work fine

For example, if you wish to lock down a channel named #general, use the command w!lockc in that channel or even from a different channel.

You can also specify a certain channel or channels to lock by using w!clock #channel or w!clock #channel1 #channel2 #channel3

A list of locked channels can be viewed by typing w!lock

# [2.] Channels (sc)

All the channels in your server, regardless of how many you have, can be locked down in a seconds by doing w!lock ?t channels or w!lock ?t sc Wick will deny perms for everyone below it to send messages in your channels unless some specific roles/users if they are forced to see/talk in those channels.

  • ?t stands for type and sc stands for server channels.
  • shurtcuts: w!lockchannels / w!serverlock / w!slock / w!locks / w!lockserver

# [3.] Join Auto KICK (k)

If you are under an attack and malicious accounts keep joining, you can just do w!lock ?t kick or w!lock ?t k and have Wick automatically start KICKING any new account joining!

  • ?t stands for type and k stands for kick.

# [4.] Join Auto BAN (b)

If you are under an attack and malicious accounts keep joining, you can just do w!lock ?t ban or w!lock ?t b and have Wick automatically start BANNING any new account joining!

  • ?t stands for type and b stands for ban.

# [5.] Roles (r)

If you are under threat or you want to simply block all your admins and mods from having any permissions in your server, this is the best lockdown mode for it. Simply do w!lock ?t roles and watch the beauty. No worries, Wick will remember what he did and everything will be back to normal once you unlocked it.

  • ?t stands for type and r stands for roles.

This lockdown will order wick to remove dangerous permissions from any and all roles below it if you receive nuke threats from your admins.

# [6.] All / Server-Wide (all)

If you want to completely shutdown your server, do w!lock ?t all and Wick will start working on enabling several lockdown modes at once. This is useful if you want to entirely lockdown your server from channels to roles to banning new users .

The list of lockdowns that will be enabled are:

  • Server Channels
  • Roles
  • Join Auto Ban

# BLIND flag (-b)

It is a special flag that you can add when locking down channels (or when using the all type) that will make Wick hide all channels or a specific channel from your server members depending on the type you provide. Blind locking all channels will create a new channel stating that a lockdown was issued in an announcement message.

An example would be using w!lock -blind ?t channels or w!lock -blind ?t all Doing so, will hide all the channels from everyone who's under wick. (provided that your permissions are set right)

  • w!lock -blind ?t all is PREMIUM.
  • This will also create a channel called #server-locked which can be viewed by everyone. You can send important updates to this channel.

Types you can use the blind BLIND Lockdown with:

Types Command
1. Channel c w!lock -b ?t c
2. Channels sc w!lock -b ?t sc


Types Command
1. All / Server-Wide s w!lock -b ?t all

# Sending Updates

You'll be able to also push UPDATES to the announcement message sent by wick in #server-locked channel created by him.

  • The syntax to do that is: w!lock YOUR-UPDATE-MESSAGE ?t update
    • shortcuts: w!lockupdate UPDATE-MESSAGE / w!updatel UPDATE-MESSAGE / w!locku UPDATE-MESSAGE

For example, we wish to push three updates we'll do:

# Panic Mode

Panic mode, when triggered it initiates the ROLES Lockdown. Wick will take away permissions from any and all roles below it until it scans the entirety of your server to quarantine the users/bots that triggered it.

# Unlocking Server when ending:

Wick will unlock the ROLES lockdown when it completes its scan and when the user/bot that triggered it have been quarantined (IF this setting was on). Otherwise, if this is off, the owner/anyone with level 4 permit and above can manually unlock your server.

Enable/Disable Command
To ENABLE this system: w!anpanic 4 ?on
To DISABLE this system: w!anpanic 4 ?off

# Ending a lockdown

You can also unlock an active mode quickly! Active lockdown modes can be viewed by typing w!lock if you are unsure of the modes that are active in your server.

# Aliases

w!unlock w!ul


Types of Lockdown Command to end it
1. Channel c w!unlock ?t c
2. Channels sc w!unlock ?t sc
3. Auto KICK New Members k w!unlock ?t k
4. Auto BAN New Members b w!unlock ?t b
Premium Types of Lockdown Command to end it
1. Roles r w!unlock ?t r
2. All / Server-Wide s w!unlock ?t all

# Logging

# Notes

you can do w!tshoot lockdown and let Wick tweak the perms for you!