# Backups


# Description

Backups are used internally by Wick to synchronize your server with the recent backup taken after the anti nuke triggers. You can also manually manage your backups by creating, deleting, and synchronizing them with the server.


Command Job
w!backups Shows all backups that your server has.
w!backups take Takes a new image (backup) of your server.
w!loadbackup 14tp6c Loads backup with ID (14tp6c).

# Permit

Members able to use this command are:

  • Server Owner and Extra Owners.

# Syntax


It can be found by taking a backup and the ID will be given to you or by running the following command w!backups and it'll show the recent 10 backups in the server.

For example, you took a backup hour ago, and you want to take its ID once more, you can use the command w!backups and copy the last one from your list.


Parameters are the backup commands options you can provide if you want an extra input or a custom behaviour. They must come before the backup ID! The parameters available for the backups command are as follows:

Parameter Job
take Takes a new backup of the server. w!backups take
load Loads the backup that you provided. w!backups load X
delete Deletes the selected backup. w!backups delete X
clear It Deletes all the backups.
  • w!backups take
    • bcreate , bsave , btake , createbackup
  • w!backups load X
    • bload , bapply , loadbackup
  • w!backups delete X
    • bdel , bdelete , deletebackup , delbackup , backupdelete
  • w!backups clear
    • iclear , imgclear , ipurge , imgp , imgpurge , ic