# Cases


# Description

Cases allows you to view all the moderation cases within a server that are current or have happened on it, also allows you to edit your cases and more...


Command Job
w!cases 17 Shows you the case number 17.
w!cases ark Shows all the cases that ark has.
w!cases 506513851576221706 ?t bans Shows all ban cases for the user using his ID.
w!editc 17 dm ads Edits the reason of case number 17, dm ads is the new reason

# Permit

Members able to use this command are:

  • Server Owner and Extra Owners.
  • Trusted Admins.
  • Members with Wick Cases permission. [Custom Permits]

# Syntax


The Case ID is the case number for the case and it's generated whenever a new case is made. It can be found in the mod-logs or by just running w!cases

For example, you want to view more details about a case with ID 164, simply do w!cases 164


That's the Member whos cases you want to view. A member cases can be viewed by typing w!cases MEMBER and all of the cases for that user will pop up.

For example, if you want to view a user's cases, let's say REGEX here, you can use the command w!cases REGEX to view REGEX's cases.


Parameters are the cases options you can provide if you want extra input or a custom behavior . They must come after the members! The parameters available for cases commands are as follows:

Parameter Job
?e Edits a case. !cases 12 ?e PARAMETER
?r NEW-REASON Adds a new reason to a case, If you want to change the reason of a case. NEW-REASON is replaced with the new reason. w!cases 3 ?e ?r test
?off Turns off a case from being active on a user's cases. w!cases 16 ?e ?off
?on Enables again a case that was happen to be disabled (off) before. w!cases 16 ?e ?on
  • w!cases X ?e ?r REASON
    • w!editc X REASON
    • w!editreason X REASON
  • w!cases X ?e ?on
    • w!opencase X
    • w!caseon X
  • w!cases X ?e ?off
    • w!closecase X
    • w!caseoff X