# Modcases


# Description

Moderations cases allows to view moderation cases ae by a specific moderator.


Command Job
w!modcases Lawson Shows all moderation cases made by Lawson
w!modcases es ?t timeouts Shows Timeout actions (cases)

# Permit

Members able to use this command are:

  • Server Owner and Extra Owners.
  • Trusted Admins.
  • Members with Wick Cases permission. [Custom Permits]

# Syntax


That's the Member whos moderation cases you want to view. A users modcases can be viewed by typing w!modcases USER and all of the moderation cases for that user will pop up.

For example, if you want to view a user's modcases, ark in this case, you can use the command w!modcases ark to view Ark's modcases.


Types are used to sort the various cases according to your preferences. The types available are as follows:

Type Job
Bans [B] Shows Bans cases made by fnaki. w!modcases fnaki ?t bans
Unbans [UB] Shows Unbans cases made by Panda. w!modcases panda ?t ub
Kicks [K] -
Timeouts [TIMEOUT] -
Warns [WA] -
Quarantines [Q] -
Unquarantine [UQ] -

For example, if you want to view a list of Kicks cases that a user has, let's say Lawson, you can use the command w!modcases @Lawson ?t k to see his Kicks modcases.